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Ellen Cagnassola - Sweet Soaps Owner

Ellen Cagnassola

Ellen Cagnassola, owner of Sweet Soaps, creates unique soap and candles for the craft and gift industry. Ellen designs product and packaging for mid sized and large companies in the US and Canada. Cagnassola is the Designer of all soap craft products manufactured and marketed through America’s largest retail chains., a retailer of DIY craft company has also partnered with Sweet Soaps in the soap and candle craft industry.

Sweet Soaps product development is cutting edge due to Ellen’s unorthodox approach to artistic expression. Cagnassola’s ability to generate media interest for herself have landed her media coverage. Television placement on MSNBC “Your Business”, The Verizon Channel “Push Pause”, Daytime TV, NBC, CBS, and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Darby Smart

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Ombre Candle Set

Ombre Candle Set

The Mandle - Man Candle

The Mandle – Man Candle

Hipster Chef Candle Making Starter Kit

Hipster Chef Candle

Handmade Soap Kit

Handmade Soap Kit

Darby Smart
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